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Birds in Art 2021 Exhibiting Artist Information

2021 Artist List

Congratulate your colleagues and friends! The 2021 Birds in Art artist list is now available.


Modified Preview Days & Public Opening

With the safety of all in mind, we’re proceeding cautiously, making modifications for the preview days and public opening of Birds in Art on September 9, 10, and 11.


What’s Different? 

  • Hotel stay   For Birds in Art 2021 artists who travel to Wausau for the previews and opening weekend, the Museum is extending hotel accommodations for up to three nights at the Hilton Garden Inn. If you’re more comfortable attending later in the fall, the Museum will accommodate a one-night hotel stay.
  • Artist demonstrations   Expanding member previews on Thursday and Friday afternoons and throughout Saturday’s public opening allows for Drop-by Demos in the sculpture garden highlighting various mediums and techniques.
  • Food   Gathering for a large-group lunch and dinner will not occur; complimentary food-truck selections will be available on preview days.
  • Local transportation   Group bus transportation will not be provided; individuals must arrange their own transportation.
  • Saturday afternoon   The trip to the Woodson family property in Northern Wisconsin, Point O’ Pines will not occur; public activities will continue throughout Saturday.


Project Postcard

Project Postcard debuted in 2010 with the goal to generate funds to acquire more Birds in Art artworks. The success of each edition of Project Postcard cannot be overstated. Thanks to the generosity of artists in creating and donating original postcard-sized artworks – and Woodson Art Museum members and fellow artists who buy them – the Museum acquired fifty-three artworks over the past decade.


What can you do?

The success of Project Postcard relies on the willingness of artists to create and donate one or more postcard-sized artworks. To be blunt: the more postcards we sell, the more Birds in Art artworks we can acquire. We’re asking each artist to follow the directions below and create work for Project Postcard.


How will Project Postcard work?

All artists and Woodson Art Museum leadership-level members are invited to purchase postcards in advance for $50 each. Prior to the preview days, the postcards will be arranged in the order they were received and the names of buyers will be randomly pulled out of a giant mixing bowl and then matched to the postcard next in line. Entirely impartial and part of the fun . . . you pay $50 per postcard now and receive an artwork surprise later. We will ship your selected artwork to you or you can pick it up if visiting the Museum on preview days, starting September 9 or throughout the exhibition, till November 28.


The all-important directions:

  • Postcard-size is 4 x 6 inches or 6 x 4 inches; please use a support like Bristol Board or Strathmore Board, or even a prepared canvas board to create your artwork. The medium is entirely up to you.
  • Sculptors can participate, too; just think about the 4 x 6 inch or 6 x 4 inch format as a “support.”
  • DO NOT sign your artwork on the front, i.e., the image side; think of the work as a postcard to an unknown buyer. You should add your signature to the backside and add a “greeting” to the buyer, if you like.
  • We need to receive your postcards no later than September 3. You can include postcards in your artwork crate or send them separately. If you include them in your crate, please let Jane know at


Thanks to past Project Postcard success, the Museum purchased Birds in Art artworks by:
2010: Ray Brown, Amy Kelly, Zev Labinger, and Wes Siegrist
2011: Julie Bender, S.V. Medaris, Michael Todoroff, and Sherrie York
2012: Peter Elfman, Shawn Gould, Ralph Grady James, and Sean Murtha
2013: Sue deLearie Adair, Peter Elfman, Anne Senechal Faust, Timothy David Mayhew, and Barry Van Dusen
2014: Ralph Grady James, Frank LaLumia, S.V. Medaris, Cathy Sheeter, Pam Slattery, and Sherrie York
2015: Ryan Jacque, Debby Kaspari, Terry Miller, Manisha Padhye, and Derek Robertson
2016: Karen Bondarchuk, Patricia Pepin, and Arlene Rheinish
2017: Tom Altenburg, Ann Cunningham, Diana Hohlig, Rod Lawrence, Melinda Whipplesmith Plank, Laura Quinn Harris, and Nicholas Wilson
2018: James M. Clow, Thomas Hill, Elwin van der Kolk, and Jeremy Paul
2019: Sue deLearie Adair, Robin Berry, Lucrezia Bieler, David Lawruk, John S. Miller, Chirag Thumbar, Sandra Wiesman
2020: Nicholas Coleman, Kenn Kaufman, Katie Musolff, Barry W. Van Dusen


Purchase your Project Postcard:
Postcards must be purchased by September 6; to do so now, you can purchase them online. Limit one per artist.


Next steps:
Please respond to a short questionnaire below to let us know if we can count on you to create one or more artworks for Project Postcard. More postcards result in more sales, which means more Birds in Art artworks acquired.

Thank you for considering this request and embracing Project Postcard. This is an undertaking that benefits everyone . . . the Woodson Art Museum, postcard buyers, and artists.



Your participation in this short questionnaire will help us as we coordinate modified preview days, public opening, and Project Postcard.



*The health and safety of all Woodson Art Museum visitors remain paramount. In keeping with current U.S. guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we’re asking unvaccinated guests to mask.

Also, please note: if you consider traveling from outside the U.S., keep tabs on and heed the travel restrictions and guidance of your country of residence.

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The Museum reopened in early February 2021, after a proactive closure.

Before visiting, check for any updates and what to expect.