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Only Owls

Owls are magnificent creatures with exceptional characteristics. Their distinctive attributes – yellow eyes that enable keen vision used to hunt at dawn and dusk; peculiar facial discs that direct sound to ears on the sides of their heads; unique feather structure that allows nearly silent flight; and more – make them ideal subjects for artistic interpretation. Only Owls brings together artworks in pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, and woodcut drawn from the Woodson Art Museum’s collection. Each artwork provides insight into the fascinating world of owls and demonstrates a variety of stylistic approaches by thirty artists, including Leonard Baskin, Arthur Singer, Don Richard Eckelberry, Tony Angell, and Bart Walter.

Number of works:
40 two-dimensional artworks; title panel, interpretive panel, and label copy
Running feet:
Exhibition period:
8 weeks/shorter or longer periods possible
$3,000 plus shipping
Provided By Woodson Art Museum

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For additional information or to schedule an exhibition, connect with Allison Slavick or call her at 715.492.0059.

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