From Class Trip to Communication Manager

By: Stephanie Luisier, marketing and communication manager on January 24th, 2023

After weeks of anticipation the day has finally come – it’s field trip day for some of us lucky students in the Wausau School District. Today’s destination is the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum; I’m nervous because I’ve never been there before, but that fear is quickly replaced by excitement. The teacher lines us up and we head outside to the school bus waiting at the curb. The smell of diesel fuel fills the air as we climb on board and find our seats. We take off, bumping and sliding on the vinyl underneath us as we head into Wausau. See, we are from a school northeast of the city limits, in the Town of Texas, so the trip is extra adventurous for us. After a nice ride through the countryside, we come down Franklin Street hill into the city and turn onto 12th Street. There it is – a beautiful brick building glistening in the mid-morning sun. The teacher reminds us of the field trip rules and the bus doors open. We hurry off the bus, our excited voices echoing through the Museum grounds. We walk through the large wooden lobby doors and into a whole new world – one of history, community, art, and creativity. One that we will never forget.

Fast forward to the present day – that little girl, now grown, excitedly steps into the Woodson Art Museum once again – but not as a student, as the new marketing and communication manager. Now I get to watch as those excited students and visitors walk through our front doors in anticipation, and leave in awe of what they just experienced. I’m looking forward to promoting the Museum’s diverse exhibits, enriching programs and events, and being a part of the Museum’s strong commitment to our community.

As a lifelong resident of Wausau, I’ve enjoyed being active in the community and I’ve worked to hone my expertise in the marketing and communication fields. I stayed in central Wisconsin for higher education, graduating from UW-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, with a media and technology emphasis; I also received an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree. My experience includes working in the media at several local television stations and I was honored throughout the years to have my news writing, producing, and anchoring recognized by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, the Associated Press, and one of my greatest accomplishments was when my work was nominated for an Emmy. I also served as the marketing coordinator for the Central Wisconsin Airport, have lent my communication skills to community projects, and I have been involved in local schools.

I look forward to meeting you during your next trip to the Museum and helping make memories that you will never forget!

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