Woodson Art Museum Selects Artwork for 2014 Birds in Art Exhibition

By: Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum on May 16th, 2014

Artwork created by 112 artists from throughout the world will comprise this year’s 39th annual Birds in Art exhibition, on view September 6 through November 16, at the Woodson Art Museum. The Birds in Art exhibition, which presents original paintings, sculptures, and graphics created within the last three years by artists from throughout the world, celebrates avian marvels through fresh artistic interpretations. The 2014 exhibition comprises juror-selected artwork by 92 artists, recent work by 19 artists who have been named Master Artists during previous Birds in Art exhibitions, and artwork by 2014 Master Artist Barry Van Dusen.

A 132-page full-color, illustrated Birds in Art catalogue featuring every work along with artists’ statements will be available for purchase in September. For more information, visit www.lywam.org, e-mail the Museum at museum@lywam.org, or call 715.845.7010.

2014 Birds in Art Artists

Eric van der Aa
Edward Aldrich
William Alther
Tony Angell
Helene Arfi
Jonathan Aumen
Chris Bacon
Victoria Banks
Larry Barth
Robert Bateman
Kimberly Beck
Linda Besse
Peter Blackwell
Karen Bondarchuk
Jim Bortz
John Brasaemle
Carl Brenders
Ray Brown
George Bumann
John Busby
Clarence P. Cameron
Tim Cherry
Jim Coe
Guy Coheleach
Mary Cornish
Christophe Drochon
Michael Dumas
Kathleen Dunphy
Gary Eigenberger
Peter Elfman
Anne Faust
Richard Finch
Sue Gombus
Peter Gray
Simon Gudgeon
Grant Hacking
Gordon Hare
William Harrison
Andrew Haslen
Thomas Horn
Cindy House
Nancy Howe
Jenny Hyde-Johnson
Ralph James
Kevin Johnson
Lars Jonsson
Eugen Kisselmann
Terrill Knaack
Elwin van der Kolk
Nobuko Kumasaka
Frank LaLumia
Martin Lasack
Tanya Lock
David Lowther
Walt Matia
Timothy David Mayhew
Catherine McClung
Lucy McEachern
Jan Martin McGuire
Vickie McMillan
S.V. Medaris
Kerry Miller
Terry Miller
David Milton
Jim Morgan
John Mullane
Dianne MunKittrick
Sean Murtha
Johannes Nevala
Ken Newman
Calvin Nicholls
Peter Nilsson
Giorgia Oldano
Kristine Parins
Jeremy Paul
Vida Pearson
John Pitcher
Whipplesmith Plank
Tom Quinn
Don Rambadt
Maynard Reece
Gene Reineking
Arlene Rheinish
Paul Rhymer
Andrea Rich
Rachel Root
Sueellen Ross
Kimberly Roush
Ben Saturen
Laurence Saunois
Sandy Scott
John T. Sharp
Cathy Sheeter
Leslie Shiels
Pam Slattery
Debbie Stevens
Kristine Taylor
Chirag Thumbar
Gunnar Tryggmo
Kathryn Turner
Kent Ullberg
Barry Van Dusen
Pieter Verstappen
Lynn Wade
Bart Walter
Dale A. Weiler
Scot Weir
Nicholas Wilson
Alan Woollett
Sherrie York
Adriana van Zoest

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