A Museum Baby Grows in Wausau

By: deanna on January 22nd, 2009

Last week Monday, I peered into my office: the lights were out, a stack of mail was on my desk, the office chair was missing (not to worry, Eric Conklin used it during his residency at the Museum the week prior). Otherwise, my office looked the same.

Why would I find interest in these observations? You see, I haven’t sat at my desk for a while and the last time I did I was really uncomfortable. I’ve just returned to work after maternity leave.

Yep, there’s a new Museum baby. There have been a number of Woodson Art Museum “children” over the last 33 years, most of them human, others of the canine variety.

Even in my relatively short three + years at the Museum, I’ve seen these children accomplish a great deal – graduate from college and law school, get accepted into college, star in theater productions, enter the workforce, change jobs, learn to sit and fetch, and fill our lives with joy. No surprise, I’m happy my little one gets to join the ranks of this stellar group.

I think museum children are lucky. They benefit from the exhibitions on view, the artists that visit, and the many education programs (oh, and hello, can anyone say Art Park?). The great thing about being a museum kid in Wausau is your parents don’t even need to work at the Woodson Art Museum to benefit from such great opportunities, because they’re all available to the public and they’re mostly all free. Thinking of it that way, the Woodson Art Museum has a ton of kids! I’m excited for Blake to experience it all – from his first Toddler Tuesday to an Art Explorers program. Until then, he’ll just have to take it all in from Mom’s and Dad’s arms.

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