Another (A)Typical Week

By: deanna on May 12th, 2010

If I’ve learned anything working at the Woodson Art Museum, it’s that there is no such thing as a typical week. What’s going down this week in my office?

Working on a National Endowment for the Arts grant application for an exhibition that opens January 29, 2011: Good Designs: Stories from Herman Miller (he of the furniture design company).

Reviewing applications submitted for currently available part-time security guard positions.

Handling accounts payable matters. (I prefer handling accounts receivable!)

Drafting the events calendar copy for the summer exhibitions: The New Reality and Peanuts at Bat. An unusual pairing visually and copy-wise.

Prepping the first-go-round of Birds in Art opening weekend hospitality materials that we send to artists in early June. This year we’re doing it all electronically so it will take a bit more doing.

Helping with Butch McCartney’s evening “Man’s Best Friends” photo sessions. They started on Monday night and have been great fun thus far – or so I hear from Erin, Andy, Shari, and others. I don’t meet and greet the dogs and their owners until Thursday night. Wow! We had almost 150 people call to schedule a session for their dogs, and only had spots for about fifty. In the photo at right, schoolchildren get to know Carole Olson’s therapy dog, Newton, a Newfoundland that’s bigger than the kids!

Working with our designer, Richard Wunsch, on early Birds in Art preliminary ad concepts since deadlines for Bird Watcher’s Digest, Birder’s World, and Southwest Art are quickly approaching.

Putting together preliminary income and expense figures for the July 2010-June 2011 operating budget.

Checking out the Google Alerts that pop up daily related to the Woodson Art Museum and/or Birds in Art. Artists found out last Friday if their work was selected for the 35th annual exhibition this year, and many of them are posting their joy (or disappointment) on their blogs.

Plus updating Woodson Art Museum information on various websites, contacting media reps about Butch’s artist residency, keeping up with incoming e-mails. My favorite one is from a photo editor at Midwest Living, which is going to do a text/photo “item” on the Woodson Art Museum in their September/October issue. My cup ranneth over for joy when I read that one!

Just another (a)typical week.

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