By: deanna on May 5th, 2010

If you haven’t been to the Woodson Art Museum lately, you’re missing out big time –especially those of you who, like me, love dogs.

The galleries are filled with wagging tails and tongues, canine and human smiles, perky and floppy ears, and paws down my favorite – the head tilt in inquisitive attention to a human’s question (see images below of Elliot Erwitt’s pug photo and my version with my canine pal, Dexter). Bottom line: I’m paws over tail about Elliott Erwitt: Dog Dogs and Canine Beauties: Sleeping or Otherwise, on view through June 20.

People, it only gets better!

Butch McCartney, the photographer featured in Canine Beauties: Sleeping or Otherwise, sets up his studio at the Museum May 11 – 14. Schoolchildren will be bow-wowed as he demonstrates his dog-attention-grabbing photography skills. Butch’s models will be a mix of Therapy Dogs of Central Wisconsin (TDI Chapter 184) during the day and Museum visitors’ dogs at three evening programs that will capture our Best Friends on film.

Come, Sit, Stay, and Enjoy the exhibitions and next week’s artist-in-residence. It’s sure to be a dog-good time!

For more information on Butch’s and the week’s schedule, call 715.845.7010.

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