Finding the Flock

By: Matt Foss on November 15th, 2017

I like a good challenge. Whether it’s the Sunday edition of the New York Times crossword puzzle, getting my kids in their pajamas before 8 pm, or any type of ratchet strap, challenges add something to our daily lives and give us the chance to prove our mettle.

At this juncture, I would like to state my disappointment in being unable to take part in the Woodson Art Museum‘s “Magnetic Migration: Find the Flock” challenge.

This challenge is right up my alley. A seek and find of small metal sculptures in different Wausau city parks, not too easy to find, but not impossible. I’d be all over that. Alas, as an employee of the Museum, it would not be right nor ethical to partake in such a challenge.

To pour lemon juice on this paper cut, completing the challenge and submitting the entry form earns you the chance to win one of two, steel nuthatch sculptures created by Wisconsin artist and 2017 Birds in Art Master Artist Don Rambadt. Boy, would that look great on my mantel. Of course, I don’t have a mantel. Or a fireplace. But if I did . . .

So far, more than thirty people completed the challenge and entered their forms for the drawing with just days remaining before the November 26 deadline. On the entry form that includes participants’ answers to the challenge, many people (from across Wisconsin and even a few visiting from other states) commented on how fun it was and how they look forward to potentially winning a sculpture.








At the end of the day, reading responses like that from people taking part in the challenge is rewarding enough. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and the Museum will have a similar challenge to participate in when I retire. Don, you’re still going to be making art in the late 21st century, right?


*Don’t delay. Click here to print a “Magnetic Migration: Find the Flock” challenge sheet or pick one up at the Woodson Art Museum. Sunday, November 26 – the final day to view the 2017 Birds in Art exhibition – is fast approaching.

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