First Impressions

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on July 17th, 2013

By Matt Foss, project coordinator

Nearly ten years ago, my wife, Mallory, who was my girlfriend at the time, prepared to travel to Door County to meet my extended family. While I wasn’t concerned about the side of my family that is good-natured and reserved, I was apprehensive about her meeting the other side that can be tactless and unforgiving. Even though I had a feeling she could hold her own, I wanted her to make a good first impression. I wasn’t looking for a “Rita Hayworth in Gilda type impression, just something to show even the toughest crowd why I cared about her.

At the Woodson Art Museum, we also try hard to make good first impressions. This is one of the reasons we’re transforming the main entrance into a space that is more inviting, functional, and attractive. The staff at the Museum is head-over-heels in love with our workplace, and we want to give all visitors, including those who see the current exhibition, Celebrating Summer: Plein-Air Painters of America and Birds in Art this fall, an outstanding first impression – one that will make visitors, tour groups, and artists feel welcome, special, and eager to return often for memorable visits.
We are happy to announce that the newly renovated main entrance is open. Phase three of the construction project now is underway and the southeast part of the Museum, including the 12th Street entrance, will be closed for renovations. Once again we ask for visitors’ patience, confident that the new main entrance will illustrate the time, thought, and effort invested in creating good first impressions.
Like introducing Mallory to my family, we want everyone to see what a treasure the Woodson Art Museum is and why we care for it so much.
PS. We’re eager to hear your impressions of the enhanced spaces, too. Use the comment option below or email directly at

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