I’ll Have a Pabst Blue Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia

By: Matt Foss on July 23rd, 2014

Believe it or not, the Woodson Art Museum’s flagship exhibition, Birds in Art, is just around the corner. In preparation, the Museum is looking into potential marketing opportunities to heighten awareness of the exhibition and honor the great work of the artists in the 2014 edition.

Inspired by recent projects undertaken by other museums, staff talked about partnering with local microbreweries to develop a craft beer with a Birds in Art theme. It is an intriguing idea and could be mutually beneficial for the Museum and the brewery. We’ve been kicking around possible names of the potential brew, and I personally have taken charge of this task and also volunteered my services for future taste testing.

For the past week, I’ve been ruminating on names. While the ideal solution would be to name the beer after a certain bird, I am not much of an ornithologist, and the best ones I came up with were “Red Stripe-tailed Hawk” and “Rolling Rock Wren.”

Plan B.




Since I’m quite familiar with artists’ names, I thought those would be an excellent starting point. I have a few promising ones:blogBeerPong

• Terry Miller “Lite” – Good for opening-weekend beer pong
Barry “Weiss” Van Dusen – although it’s colorful, it’s not watered down
• John Sharp“s” – For those who’d like a non-alcohol option
• James “Coe-Rona” – Add a little lime to that landscape

Because of the enormous success these beers will generate, the Museum might have to branch out into the wine business. What about:
• Maynard Riesling – Aged ninety-four years, but still as good as ever
• Cindy “House Red” – Robust, yet smooth
• “Sherry” York – Sandhill Crane meets Frasier Crane











Please read this post with a twinkle in your eye and a light-hearted smile. We’ve been burning the midnight oil proofreading and tending to other Birds in Art-related tasks; a cold one would taste mighty good right about now. If you’d like to suggest a name or two, let us hear from you.



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