New Word Coined

By: deanna on February 17th, 2010

My husband, Larry, coined what we believe is a new word. At least it didn’t come up when we Googled it.


No, a carpie isn’t related to carp (the fish), carpet, carping (grouching), or carpe diem (seize the day). But it is related to a cowpie.

So what is it?

A carpie is the dirty, gray “plop” of slushy snow and petrified ice that falls off automobile mud flaps all winter in Wisconsin. Personally, I like to kick carpies off the flaps on Tawny, my aging Chevy Malibu. She appreciates my small attempts to make her more presentable.

You can spot carpies on two-lane county roads, interstates, parking lots, driveways, and garages from December through March. They aren’t attractive – but they are a fact of life if you own a car or truck in these climes.

Also, unlike a cowpie that can be used as fertilizer, a carpie has no known useful purpose. But if you think of one, let me know. You’ll be adding to carpie lore.

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