Permission to Play

By: Jayna Hintz, curator of education on June 25th, 2014

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to play? Last Thursday evening, during the preview for the Purely Prints exhibitions, Woodson Art Museum members took a moment to play, engaging in a fun printmaking process.
woman swirling color into shaving cream for a print
One of my favorite printing methods that I’ve used for over a decade with children now has found its way into the adult realm. Who could resist a pan filled with shaving cream and some colorful drops of food coloring? Resembling a white frosted cake with sprinkles, it’s calorie free and releases your creativity.

The educator in me needs to share the recipe for “how to make a shaving cream print.” Spray an inch-thick layer of shaving cream foam (rather than gel; Barbasol brand works great) in a cake pan or tray; level it with a squeegee or craft stick. Drop several colors of food coloring onto the shaving cream. Use a stick to swirl the colors around, trying not to push down on the shaving foam. Skim the surface with the stick and drag the colors into interesting patterns. Lay a piece of cardstock onto the surface of the shaving cream. Gently press down and pat the surface of the paper. Carefully lift the paper from the shaving foam. Place the paper on a flat surface. Use a clean squeegee or ruler to scrape off the shaving cream. Voila!

woman adding colorful dots to foam for a print

woman swirling colorful dots into foamwoman pressing cardstock onto swirled foamscraping foam from cardstock with squeegeefinished print is revealed









For more ways to engage in creative fun, visit the Museum during Art Park Open Studio on the first Saturday of each month, 1-3 pm. Also, plan to drop in during, August 19 – 21, 9 am-4 pm, to try a different print medium each day; shaving cream prints make a reappearance during Extra-Terrific Toddler Tuesday and throughout the day on August 19.

Why not try something different this summer? Set a goal to re-awaken your creativity with play. If you need permission, consider it done. Go out and play this summer!

Adults review results of shaving cream printmaking









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