Sounds of Summer

By: Catie Anderson, curator of education on August 18th, 2021

As during the last nine years, a good chunk of my August calendar is dedicated to audio. Work on the Woodson Art Museum’s audio tour app content is a seasonal commitment to highlight each changing exhibition throughout the year, and the stakes are highest for Birds in Art. The annual exhibition’s online content is undoubtedly the Museum’s most popular video produced each year, thanks to the loyal fanbase, both local and global, whose enthusiasm and support for the exhibition and artists seem to grow each year.

Creating videos from the audio and images shared by Birds in Art artists helps me learn about artworks and their avian subjects while connecting artists and Museum audiences.

These videos are more vital than ever with the ongoing interest in virtual-visit content as an option while Coronavirus precautions are necessary. While the exhibition opening will be different this year for the safety of all, there’s much to celebrate and connect with. A steadfast promise remains: Birds in Art offers exceptional interpretations of avian life, and opportunities to appreciate the artistry and stories behind these artworks are abundant.

A preview of upcoming Birds in Art 2021 content can be seen in the two artwork videos below, both featuring snowy owls, by Ron Kingswood and Steven Spazuk.

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