Teens Team Up with Woodson Art Museum

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on December 8th, 2010

A teen event at the Woodson Art Museum Friday night was all about sweets – a recipe for good, if not nutritious, fun.

TLC: Teens, Laughs & Cupcakes included a scavenger hunt, cupcake decorating, and time to view I Want Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American Art.

But before hosting any social event, I’m never free from a bit of pre-party panic.

Would the array of desserts and coffee concoctions cause sugar shock that had them bouncing off the walls like Ping-Pong balls? Who and how many would show? Would teenage drama ensue?

Plus, safeguarding other people’s children and artists’ artwork is no small concern. Setting a casual, carefree tone (while warding off any potential issues) isn’t always an easy balance to strike.

But, as usual, my twinge of pre-party angst was a silly waste of energy. That is, thanks to a great group of twenty-three teenagers who came out, hung out at the Museum, and just had a good, solid evening of fun.

Jayna Hintz, education curator, has been leading the formation of the Museum’s Teen Art Council for several months and has done all of the legwork – shepherding the formulation (by the core nucleus of six teens) of criterion for serving on the Teen Art Council.

They want representatives from all area high schools to commit to attending monthly meetings on the third Sunday of each month, 3:30-5 pm. (DC Everest, East, and Merrill high schools are now represented, but more from any area school are welcome.)

The goal is to roll out the Museum welcome mat to area teenagers, to get them through the doors and convinced that they’re valued here, and that the Art Museum is a place to come to frequently for fun and inspiration.

The efforts began this summer with a concert on Museum grounds that drew 180, followed by two events this fall. Goals include expanding the council from six members to twelve and for TAC to plan five events per year to coincide with themes of the changing exhibitions.

Any teen interested in finding out more about serving on the Teen Art Council (what a great item to add to a resume!), should contact Jayna Hintz at 715-845-7010 for more information. Here’s to many more angst-free (for all), fun-filled teen events at the Woodson Art Museum.

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