The Perils of Marketing

By: Bryce Cebula, marketing and communication manager on October 4th, 2023

In college, they stressed the importance of being adaptable.  The world of marketing and communications can be unpredictable – I experienced this yesterday.  

Here is the backstory:  

The Museum received a generous donation from Johnson’s Nursery of Menomonee Falls as part of our bird-window collision workshop held on September 23. The Eastern Red Cedar, a type of juniper, was chosen for our garden because the berries it produces are a great source of food for songbirds, especially in the winter months. Facilities Manager Dave Jones carefully selected a spot in the garden near the pond so the new tree can thrive and add lushness to the perimeter of the property.  

eastern red cedar planted in the garden at the museum

Eastern Red Cedar planted in the garden at the Museum

Every good content creator knows you must get multiple photographs from many angles. While capturing pictures of the new addition to the garden, I found myself stuck. Literally stuck. Upon standing up, Dave pointed out that I was attached to some sort of burr-producing plant. I ripped myself free and looked over my shoulder to find hundreds of tiny, spiked dots all over my sweater and pants. We walked into the Museum’s break room to join the rest of the staff for lunch and shared many laughs. We took to the internet to find ways to remove the pesky pieces without totally ruining my sweater, including picking away with duct tape and tweezers. 

Bryce's burr-covered sweater

The result of squatting next to burr-covered plants

Though I found myself in a sticky situation, I am grateful to work with a team that is always willing to help each other out and laugh in the process.   

Side note: I am still actively seeking out ways to remove the burrs, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.  

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