Three Cheers to Volunteers

By: Holly Van Eperen, collections and project manager on June 28th, 2023

Since the Museum’s opening in 1976, volunteers have been an integral part of its success. From greeters who warmly welcome all visitors, to docents who share their knowledge by leading tours, to the gardeners who keep the grounds in exceptional condition, we truly could not do everything without their help. We are even lucky to still have remaining docents and greeters from the inaugural volunteer corps.

This past Monday, we were fortunate to celebrate our greeters and docents with a warm welcome at the Glass Box Studio for food, refreshments, and camaraderie. With schedules that might not overlap, volunteers and staff had time to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.


Greeters and staff mingle in the Glass Box Studio   Maggie tests out new chair in the Glass Box Studio   Docents and staff mingle in the Glass Box Studio


With the wildfire smoke and the threat of rain, we could not see the Glass Box Studio in full force – a space that brings the outside in when the garage doors and windows are all open – but there will be more opportunities to see it in action. At least the sunshine was able to make an appearance through the smiles happening indoors as everyone celebrated the kindness, sincerity, and support our volunteer corps bring to everyone who enters the Museum.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Connect with the Museum via email, or call 715.845.7010.


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