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By: Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum on April 5th, 2023

Special to Woodson Wanderings from Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director Emerita:

If you have a sense of adventure, share an interest in art, enjoy good food and camaraderie, Woodson Art Museum travel is for you.

For more than twenty years, the Museum has regularly offered travel opportunities within the United States and abroad. Eager travelers have explored the Berkshires, Philadelphia and the Brandywine River Valley, Charleston and Savannah, Santa Fe, Pittsburgh, Detroit, the Maine Art Trail, Denver, Baltimore, Tulsa and Bentonville, Arkansas, along with international destinations, including Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Montreal and Québec City.

Last week, an adventurous and hearty group joined me and Woodson administrative manager Elaina Johann on a six-day journey to Indiana to explore the region’s architecture and art.

This image shows Woodson Art Museum travelers posing for a photo near large bronze deer

Kathy says you can have a lot of fun in Indiana for under a buck…

Columbus, Indiana, known for its remarkable array of architect-designed structures, served as our base. From there, we devoted a day to Columbus, Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Louisville, Kentucky.

Highlights included Eero Saarinen’s mid-century modern J. Irwin Miller House; Monet & Friends at the Lume, an immersive experience at Newfields, the Indianapolis Museum of Art; a recently completed Mies van der Rohe building on the Indiana University campus and Thomas Hart Benton’s 1933 Chicago World’s Fair murals now installed in the IU Auditorium’s grand lobby; Victorian architecture in Louisville; and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samara House.

This image shows the interior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Samara House with mid-century modern furniture

Interior of Frank Llyod Wright’s Samara House

Each stop was informative and engaging. No two experiences were alike. Interesting and well-prepared food and beverages rounded out each day.

Woodson Art Museum travel experiences are all-inclusive. The Museum and its travel logistic partner take care of every detail. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect way to travel?!?

Our Columbus, Indiana, hotel even had a pet ambassador. Tripp, a fluffy Bichon Frisé, “held court” in the lobby, eager for ear scratches and happy to accept treats.

This image shows the business card of a little white dog, the hotel's pet ambassador

Does this business card even need a caption?!?!?

The Museum can’t promise a pet ambassador, concierge, or maître dˈ on every trip, but can guarantee exciting destinations, interesting art, informed guides, and superb cuisine. If this sounds like your kind of travel, be in touch with Elaina at to ensure you’re among the first to know where Woodson Art Museum travelers might be headed next.

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