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Seek and Find Inspirational Spark

Make up your own seek-and-find game to play when you visit the Museum to experience Birds in Art with friends and family this fall. Which artworks incorporate the mere suggestion of a bird, perhaps with only a feather, a shadow, or traces left on a sandy shore?


SPARK!   Individuals with memory loss are invited to participate with a friend, family member, or care partner in engaging in art experiences. Artworks on view spark conversation among participants in galleries, followed by a hands-on art activity. Family & friends register for monthly programs by calling 715.845.7010. Check the events calendar to learn details […]

Help SPARK! Solutions

Sunday afternoon’s SPARK! program for individuals with memory loss and their care partners at the Woodson Art Museum, September 21, 1-2:30 pm, fittingly follows Saturday’s nationwide walk to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.
I continually witness sensory-rich, interactive SPARK! programs at the Woodson break through and ease the isolation and depression that those with dementia often experience. SPARK! participants gather to view artwork and engage in related multisensory activities that incorporate movement, music, scent, and tactile objects. During a recent visit, one participant rose from his wheelchair to dance with me, displaying deft footwork! Subsequent group discussions and hands-on art making often evoke reminiscing, laughter, and feelings of belonging.

Best Chill Chaser: Find Creative Spark at Museum

While the Wausau area is being marketed as the Best Place to Play in the Snow by the Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau this winter, the Woodson Art Museum – as always – is the best place to escape the cold and enjoy the view. Last week, representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism […]

Who’s Afraid of Icy Roads? Not this SPARK! Advocate

It’s 7 am on January 27, and I’m off to Superior, Wisconsin, to attend a conference, “Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies throughout the Second Half of Life.” I’ve rented an SUV with all-wheel drive and feel confident that I’ll arrive in one piece. I made it as far as Colby and decided maybe I should […]

Unexpected Treasures

On temporary loan in my office is a treasure trove. Catalogues, notes, and letters are evidence of a legacy of extraordinary engagement with the artwork and between two people – a father and daughter-in-law – who developed and maintained an annual Birds in Art tradition throughout nearly two decades.


Fresh from the successful opening weekend of the 42nd Birds in Art exhibition, I’m pondering squirrels.

I tend to be fairly deliberate in my work. I like lists. Spreadsheets are my friends. I enjoy planning my calendar and filling it with color-coded notations. I schedule “impromptu” messages to my daughter, a first-year college student. So, I can relate to the industrious squirrel scurrying about gathering and storing for the . . .

Collecting Comments

I love to collect Woodson Art Museum visitors’ comments and stories. It’s delightful to see what Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum visitors love, appreciate, and are inspired by during their time here. To me, the recently installed comment wall in the sculpture garden is a treasure trove.

This Medal Is Your Medal

Sunshine and dry skies are needed for the Woodson Art Museum’s community celebration on Thursday, August 3, 4-7 pm, in the sculpture garden. Save that August 3 date; we hope the community will bask in the glow of the Museum’s recognition as a winner of the 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service – the nation’s highest museum honor for service to the community.

Nature, Tradition & Innovation: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics on View through Aug. 27

An exhibition featuring innovative and bold sculptural forms by contemporary Japanese ceramists opens on Saturday, June 3, at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Nature, Tradition & Innovation: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics evokes visual associations with the natural world via artwork by ceramists who helped redefine an ancient and revered art form.