‘Tis the Season

Posted on December 12, 2018

I’m uncertain how many years my friend Pat and I have baked Christmas cookies together, but it’s many. Although we share a love of baking, lately we’ve discovered it’s less about the process and more about making time and sharing. As we care for family, spend hours at work, and tend households, time for friendship seems fleeting. Our baking weekend is planned months in advance and is eagerly anticipated. More so, now, because Pat’s daughter, daughter-in-law, and families join in the fun. Yes, two grandchildren are part of the festivities.
It gets hectic, we burn cookies, we are distracted, but it’s fun. The laughter at the successes and failures is equal. We take time – time to share, to love, to cry, and mostly to be together.
So, as in past Christmastime blogs, I share a recipe.

The Woodson Art Museum Does a Lambeau Leap for Joy

Posted on December 05, 2018

Yes, “that” Lambeau.
Museum assistant director Matt Foss and I attended a luncheon at the Lambeau Field Atrium today to accept a grant check from the Green Bay Packers Foundation!
We are thrilled, honored, and humbled to be among the recipients of a 2018 Green Bay Packers Foundation grant. In addition to the greatly appreciated funds, which support Please Touch: A Tactile Art Exhibition, debuting soon, there are surely considerable “bragging rights” that accompany this grant.

Worth Remembering

Posted on November 28, 2018

Learn more about artist Jane Kim’s RGB(ird) painting and why indigo buntings aren’t really blue.

Birds Are “Here, There and Everywhere”

Posted on November 21, 2018

My two year-old son is a Beatles fanatic. Our daughter, who also adores the Fab Four and loves Birds in Art, was quick to note that several songs in the Beatles catalogue include the word “bird” in the title. I’ve tried to explain to her – with moderate success – that in these cases, really none of those songs are actually about birds.

To Woodson Friends

Posted on November 14, 2018

While exhibitions and recurring programs come and go, interactions with artists truly mark the time for Woodson Art Museum staff.

Fall Back

Posted on November 07, 2018

Daylight saving time ended Sunday. I was raised in the northern hemisphere and in a family that embraced “spring ahead and fall back.” We adjusted the clock hands to the correct position – at bedtime before the morning it changed to avoid the embarrassment of missing Sunday church service. We dialed the telephone for the official time recording to ensure accuracy and uniformity.

Harry Potter & Creatures That Go Bump in the Night

Posted on October 31, 2018

Having my turn to blog fall on Halloween is a real treat!

What’s better than spending Halloween evening handing out candy to neighborhood kids all dressed up in festive costumes? Tonight, my wife and I will experience our first Halloween with our grandsons who moved back to Wisconsin last spring.

Celebrating Collections

Posted on October 24, 2018

“You’ve come a long way baby,” is a phrase that came to mind as I began writing this Woodson Wanderings blog post.

Why that sentiment? As I considered the Woodson Art Museum’s collection, looking for a clever way to present the recent acquisitions, my mind wandered to the “Wish List,” consulted by the Collections Committee when making acquisitions. A six-member subcommittee of the board of directors, the Collections Committee guides all gifts and purchases for the Museum’s collection. The Wish List, developed dozens of years ago, was pages long and featured the names of both contemporary and historic artists whose artwork would enhance the collection and set the world standard for avian art.

The Power of Art Museum Visits

Posted on October 17, 2018

Kris Parins’ early October artist residency exemplified the ways in which art museum visits engage and inspire students. A recent national study on the impact a single art museum visit has on students demonstrates the power and potential of in-gallery art experiences.

Returning to Places that Resonate

Posted on October 10, 2018

After an anniversary get-away to Door County, I’m reflecting on the powerful pull of place, what resonates, and why we return. Read recent TripAdvisor reviews for plenty of reasons to visit the Woodson Art Museum soon – always admission free. Discover what sparks your imagination and interest in migrating to the Museum, returning throughout this fall and many seasons to come.