A Tale of Two Bird Savers

Posted on May 27, 2020

Whether a planned project or a chance encounter, saving birds is always worthwhile.


Posted on May 20, 2020

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Ken Burns documentaries. It was surprising, and a little uplifting, that my own kids recently were interested in and enjoyed watching the majority of The Roosevelts. I can only hope my kids will become great leaders themselves one day. They already carry big sticks. They just need to work on speaking softly.

Remembering Denver Hayes

Posted on May 13, 2020

We’re grateful for Denver’s commitment to the Woodson, its staff, and visitors, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family.

Extended Distractions

Posted on May 06, 2020

Working from home while many “safer-at-home” orders remain in effect, I employ a coping strategy suggested by many mental health specialists – distraction. I imagine art I wish to experience in person in a gallery and think especially of the Woodson Art Museum’s collection.

Just a Little Off the Top

Posted on April 29, 2020

Because of Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” order, barbershops are closed until late May. I needed a haircut, bad.
Catie, who enjoys a good adventure, and was given assurance by me that I would not pass judgement on the final product, agreed to take the shears to the thicket atop my head.

Bear Necessities

Posted on April 22, 2020

My neighborhood – also home to other Woodson Art Museum staff – is engaged in a “Teddy Bear Hunt.” Inspired by Michael Rosen’s children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, neighbors display child-friendly items for viewing by children during walks.

Creativity in Socially Distant Times

Posted on April 15, 2020

For anyone determined to transform isolation into productive solitude, this may be the time to try something new, revisit an earlier interest, refine skills, or experiment in a new way. We eagerly anticipate a time when we can once again gather in the galleries. Until then, Museum staff extend warm wishes for wellness and invite you to remain engaged via the Museum’s online options. Learn more here.

Making Museum Videos: Behind the Scenes

Posted on April 08, 2020

Behind the Woodson Art Museum’s app content, Catie is at the computer, turning audio into video. While the Woodson’s YouTube videos and audio-tour app are crafted to offer visitors – both onsite and remote – insights into artworks on view, the creation of the videos themselves presents an educational opportunity all its own.

Collection Virtual Views

Posted on April 01, 2020

My heart cracked a bit last week after reading Wisconsin Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home” order effective through April 24. I hope Covid-19 is controlled soon.

As for so many others, my routine is no longer, well, routine. I’m all about the comfort of sameness and control, yet that is gone. I know it’s for the best, but the uncertainty is testing me and all of us.

So, what can I share via this blog? The Woodson Art Museum is closed, staff are working from home, and the galleries are filled with dozens of beautiful artworks with stories to tell. Yet the joy of viewing them is available only online now.


Posted on March 25, 2020

Although I’m biased, having institutional memories of much of the content, I think everything publicly available provides a good snapshot of what the Museum delivers to our visitors and members, both near and far.