Early Birds, Come Get Some Worms

By: Elaina Johann, administrative manager on February 22nd, 2023

With this recent late winter thaw, soon to be covered again by this week’s snowstorm, the exposed grass outside my window offered many snacks to flocking birds. Live on the Woodson Art Museum’s website is an opportunity to pluck a tasty treat out of the springtime earth: submitting an artwork for consideration in the 2023 Birds in Art exhibition by the April 17 deadline.

leigh yawkey woodosn art museum deadline to submbit april 17 2023 birds in art 2023 image of painting of two bird in water

As our flagship exhibition, Birds in Art is always top of mind for Woodson Art Museum staff. Currently, we are in the “prospectus” state. During this time, we invite artists from across the world to submit their artworks for jury consideration for the 2023 exhibition. Our strategy to reach diverse artists unfolds in many ways attracting new artists and re-captivating those who are audience staples.

Our bread and butter is reaching out via email to invite artists to consider submitting artworks made in the past three years. As a team, we actively peruse arts magazines and scour the internet with Birds in Art in mind. There, we can find artists new to the Museum and share the Birds in Art prospectus. Each dive, which explores the endless ways artists can interpret birds and related subjects, sparks curiosity to dig a little deeper. Over the past year we expanded our reach significantly, piquing the interest of new potential Birds in Art artists.

We also try to connect with artists wherever they are by placing ads for the prospectus on dozens of artist-centered websites. These websites make it easy for artists to explore and share opportunities. This year we expanded our reach, finding sites that focus on certain regions or populations of artists. New to the submission process this year is a marketing survey that will help us improve our reach with artists in years to come.

Of course social media takes a part in the mix, such as the post that maybe got you here today. Please share the Birds in Art call for submissions with any of your artist friends. Your help in sharing with a friend expands the exhibition’s reach. Do you know an artist that should submit to Birds in Art? Share this blog post with them and we look forward to seeing what artwork they submit for jury consideration. Have them mark their calendars; the deadline to submit is Monday, April 17, 2023 at 11: 59 pm CT.

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