For the Birds: Rare and Extinct

Through July 2015

These artworks are a sampling from a collection of more than 350 paintings commissioned for a stamp series highlighting endangered species from around the world to promote awareness and stave off extinction. The entire collection was a gift to the Woodson Art Museum from Dorothea Donaldson and Fred VanderWerven, Jr., Southampton, New York.

Exhibition Highlights

John C. Yrizarry, Galapagos Penguin, 1989, watercolor on illustration board
James Coe, Gough Bunting, 1989, gouache on illustration board
James Coe, Gough Moorhen, 1989, gouache on illustration board
Robin Hill, Abbott’s Booby, ca. 1989, watercolor on Bainbridge illustration board
Robin Hill, European Honey-buzzard, ca. 1990, watercolor on Bainbridge cold press board
Robin Hill, Pink Pigeon, 1985, watercolor on illustration
Robin Hill, Red-fronted Parakeet, 1985, watercolor on illustration board
Lawrence B. McQueen, Red-necked Amazon, ca. 1983, watercolor on paper
H. Douglas Pratt, Micronesian Imperial-pigeon, ca. 1989, watercolor on Arches paper
Richard Sloan, Philippine Eagle, ca. 1990, acrylic on Strathmore board

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