Carved & Cast

Through February 14, 2016

Small-scale and medium-sized sculptures recently acquired by the Museum are featured, including maquettes by Gwynn Murrill and work by Willard Stone, Jason Stone, Simon Gudgeon, Hank Tyler, Hélène Arfi, and Tim Cherry.
Exhibition Highlights

Willard Stone, Rain Crow (27/100), 1983, bronze
Hélène Arfi, Sacred Ibis (1/8), 2012, bronze
André Vincent Becquerel, Seagull #31, ca. 1925, cold painted bronze
Tim Cherry, Cotton Ball (13/25), 2014, bronze
Laura Gardin Fraser, Barnyard Goose, 1925, bronze
Daniel Glanz, Shoebill (3/30), 2011, bronze
Jason Stone, Owl, 1979, black walnut
Steve Kestrel, Arc of Time, 2010, quartzite riverstone on black slate
Gwynn Murrill, Sitting Elmo (4/9), 2011, bronze
Hank Tyler, Dunlin Sandpipers, 2005, Brazilian rosewood

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