Cultural Currency: Contemporary Art from the Riemer Collection

March 4 through June 4, 2023

Cultural Currency explores the innovative ways artists use money as a medium to expand its worth beyond a given denomination. Each of the artists featured investigates preconceived definitions of monetary value, meticulously repurposing bills and coins into exquisite, precise artworks. Universally relevant, humorous and, at times, critical, Cultural Currency asks viewers to consider how the definition of currency can be reshaped into a multifaceted object steeped in meaning and intrigue. The collection is the passion of Louise Rothman-Riemer and Davis Riemer, investment advisers from Oakland, California, who began collecting money-themed art in 1995 to encourage new attitudes toward money’s intrinsic value.

Exhibition Highlights

Don and Era Farnsworth, Art Notes, 2016, currency, acrylic paint, inkjet print
Stacey Lee Webber, Saw of Pennies, unknown date, pennies
Stacey Lee Webber and Mark Wagner, Washington Locket, 2017, currency
Ray Beldner, This is Definitely Not a Pipe, 2000, sewn U.S. currency
Serghei L. Manoliu, Untitled (Armored Icons series), 1999, dollar, paint, gold leaf, steel, glass
Tim O’Neill, Rings: Let Them Eat Cake, Pyramid Scheme, Brother Can You Spare a Dime, In God We Trust, House of Cards, 2010, currency, credit cards, metal
Don and Era Farnsworth, Art Notes, 2016, currency, acrylic paint, inkjet print

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