Passionate Pursuits: Birds in Our Landscapes

On View through February 18, 2018
Avian marvels that live in and pass through Midwest cities, rural landscapes, and our backyard feeders connect us with nature. They are alluring to watch, sing melodiously, and balance our ecosystem. Whether perched atop a tree, taking a turn at the nest, or foraging for food, birds provide unlimited inspiration for creative artistry.

Exhibition Highlights

Mike Anderson, Red-winged Blackbird, 2012, woodcut on Rives BFK paper
Robert Caldwell, Sewanne Barn, 2008, oil on hardboard
Eric Conklin, The Brood, 2004, oil on oak panel
John Mullican, Downy Woodpecker, paint on tupelo
Roger Tory Peterson, Baltimore Oriole and Young, 1950, watercolor on illustration board


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