Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Jewelry and Small Metals

November 16, 2013 – January 19, 2014

Jewelry, vessels, and plates fashioned from precious metals and stones are among more than two dozen internationally recognized and emerging artists’ contemporary creations. From an airy, coiling necklace to a hefty, gothic-architecture-inspired brooch, artworks reflect fresh experimentation with metal. The 2011 edition of the Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder’s Prize series recognizes excellence in the field of contemporary craft. The series’ title stems from the founder’s belief in the power of art to transform lives. Organized by Pittsburgh’s Society for Contemporary Craft.

Exhibition Highlights

Cappy Counard, Perceptions, 2011, 14k gold, sterling silver, meerschaum stone, pearl
Kim Cridler, Bittersweet, 2011, steel, bronze, copper, silver, amber, howlite, beeswax
Lisa and Scott Cylinder, Trio, 2011, mixed metals, plastics, woods
Daniel DiCaprio, Colony Necklace, 2011, ebony, silver
Linda Kindler Priest, From Egg to Water, 2011, 14k gold, pearl, diamonds, aquamarine crystal, oxidized silver

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