Hats off to Colleagues

By: Jayna Hintz, curator of education on March 4th, 2015

Jayna Hintz, Self-portrait, Watercolor mixed media, 2012

Jayna Hintz, Self-portrait, Watercolor mixed media, 2012

My Woodson Art Museum colleagues and I wear many hats each day. Wearing stacks of hats isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all, our days and lives are full and encompass many different aspects. As busy professionals, we rise early and stay up late to get things done.

The multiple-hat shuffle intensifies during new-exhibition installations, like last week’s transition from National Geographic photographs, Whistler’s etchings, and ballet masks to galleries filled with guitars. Our staff is able to accomplish great things because it’s a team of creative, organized planners; each task requires focus and allows us to connect to others in a different way.

Throughout that rapid hat exchange it’s important always to remain true to who you are. This helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed and allows you to feel good about your daily achievements.

Perhaps the most important and first hat we need to don each day is the “self-care” hat. I often think our self-care hats reappear in the break room at lunchtime. It’s a place where we share things that happen in our personal lives, our artistic endeavors, accomplishments, humorous moments, or time simply sitting quietly knowing we have one another’s support no matter what.

I tip my hat to my incredible colleagues.

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