Installations & Transitions

By: Lisa Hoffman, curator of education on June 5th, 2019

Most professions have unique vocabularies. In the art museum world, “installation” refers to the displaying of artworks – whether hung on a gallery wall or incorporated into a space. It also is the transition between exhibitions.

At the Woodson Art Museum – where we strive to keep spaces accessible and available as often as possible – both the de-installation and installation of subsequent temporary exhibitions occur within a week for most exhibitions. Swift turnaround is underway this week in preparation for the Saturday, June 8, opening of Botanical Art Worldwide: America’s Flora and Flora, Fauna, Font: Illustrating the Alphabet.

© Gillian Rice, Desert Bluebells, 2016, watercolor on vellum

Life transitions can occur in the blink of an eye or across decades. Within the last year, the Woodson staff celebrated many and various life transitions – most recently a graduation and two weddings to follow in July and September, respectively. While these represent significant and uplifting life transitions, sometimes transitions are subtle, nuanced, and private.

While the artwork installation occurs this week in some galleries, other spaces can be explored and enjoyed. Experience the artworks from the Museum’s collection in the south and west galleries and throughout the sculpture garden and grounds.

Celebrate your life’s transitions at the Museum by sharing art with a new graduate, or friend, or fiancée. Visit the Museum to absorb or process other more challenging transitions too. Viewing art or creating it in the Museum’s family interactive gallery – Art Park – invigorates and refreshes the mind. Celebrate and ease your life transitions during this installation week and beyond.

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