Merit Badges, Just for Fun

By: Amy Beck, marketing and communications manager on July 9th, 2014

Whether or not you’ve ever toasted marshmallows or swapped ghost stories around a campfire, the idea of summer camp simply says “vacation.”

“Fun has its merits.” That’s the tagline for Camp Wisconsin, the Department of Tourism’s theme encouraging people to explore the state this summer, earning digital scouting-inspired merit badges along the way.

examples of "Merits of Fun" badges from Travel Wisconsin

After downloading the Travel Wisconsin mobile app, travelers can earn thirteen digital Brag Badges at hundreds of locations across the state – including the Woodson Art Museum. As a longtime Travel Green Wisconsin Certified Business, the Woodson Art Museum is found under the Earth Lover badge. Urging potential travelers to “make Mother Nature your copilot,” encourages people to “visit Wisconsin green businesses that have made a commitment to sustainable practices and are working hard every day to make sure their carbon footprints won’t tread on the fun of future generations.”

Once the mobile app is in place, phone notifications let users know as they near Brag Badge featured locations. Once there, check in on your smart phone and the digital badge is all yours.

view of Woodson Art Museum from sculpture garden

Then, the idea is to let the bragging begin on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The goal is to allow the social-media buzz to spur and multiply visits, generating more business at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shopping districts, and museums statewide.

Resembling a high-tech scavenger hunt, this sounds like a lot more fun than my brief days as a Girl Scout. After a year with a dour, grumpy troop leader, I knew scouting wasn’t for me. That kelly-green sash in the attic may lack merit badges, but I’ve begun earning digital badges on my phone. Plus, if my Earth Lover badge earned at the Woodson Art Museum is any indication, this quest will be a whole lot more fun. Trust me; I check in here every day!

Fun abounds throughout Purely Prints and collection exhibitions, children’s summer art camps, Yoga & Art, Family Fest, the sculpture garden, Art Park, and more. Check in at the Woodson Art Museum and check it out for yourself often, this summer and beyond.

Summer art campers creating art at the Woodson Art Museum









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