Student Drawings Cap Off the Year

By: Catie Anderson, curator of education on December 31st, 2014

Part of what makes working at the Woodson Art Museum so rewarding is the diverse and dynamic environment. Moving quickly between various projects and programs, however, makes time for reflection scarce. The new year is a good time to reflect on a busy but memorable year, and one way to relive fond memories of quality art education experiences is through students’ thoughtful and endearing thank-you notes and drawings that Museum staff and volunteers receive.

Here’s a sampling from a group of young students who visited during Birds in Art this fall. Do you recognize any of  the artworks that inspired students’ drawings?




























Ready for the one that made me all misty-eyed?













I hope your year’s end is filled with fond memories and opportunities to reflect. We look forward to seeing you at the Museum throughout next year!







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