TAC Is Changing . . . .

By: Jayna Hintz, curator of education on December 10th, 2014

Change can trigger progress, causing things to move forward and develop. This fall brings change and progress to the Woodson Art Museum Teen Art Council or TAC.

Creating TAC in 2010 presented an opportunity for change through focused efforts on teens. We sought potential TAC members by contacting past program attendees, talking with area art specialists/instructors, and advertising. We began by developing programs in which teens could meet and work with professional artists, including Thomas Hill, Wendy Brockman, Julie Bender, Nancy Judd, and Karen Bondarchuk. TAC planned mystery nights, evening receptions for teens, and art exhibitions of their peers’ artwork. One such exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum focused on social change; area teens created statements with a social-action focus using upcycled garments as their “canvas” to present their ideas. The range of ideas was extensive and those involved were motivated, but reaching a greater number of teens and getting them involved was typically hit-and-miss. This was an area ripe for progress.

Wear Your Words Text Panel

Last summer we reflected on past efforts and TAC’s reason for being and decided to move the monthly meetings from the Museum to area high schools as an after-school program and open up opportunities for teens’ voices to be heard through programs. We worked with art specialists and found motivated partners at D.C. Everest Senior High School, D.C. Everest Junior High School, and Wausau East High School. We welcome students who are interested in leadership, highly opinionated, and have ideas about how to make the Woodson Art Museum fun and engaging for their peers. We want their ideas about art, music, drama, poetry and more to be heard and represented.

December TAC Flyer

The new TAC format is off to a great start! Meetings have rotated between Wausau East High School and D.C. Everest High School. The group has brainstormed phenomenal ideas and is recruiting and planning for the Teen Night Out on Friday, February 20, 6-8pm, at the Art Museum.

Here’s a sampling of the events:

Music – peers showcasing their instrumental and vocal talents; fifteen-minute sets.

Highly Opinionated Art Reviews – poems, songs, monologues, debates, etc. . . focused on artworks.

Art-on-Demand Performances – contribute quarters, nickels, and dimes for the creation of customized art in multiple mediums and styles.

Selfie Wall Mural – take a selfie onsite, print it, and “TAC” it to the wall to create a mural that will remain on view through February 22.

JPEG image[2] JPEG image[1] JPEG image

High School Art Preview – get a sneak peek of the student artwork that will be showcased at Wausau East, D. C. Everest Senior High, and Wausau West in the spring.

Food – sample cuisines from cultures represented in the 50 Greatest National Geographic Photographs exhibition.

Through change, TAC is growing. It’s been exciting and rejuvenating to meet young people with creative minds and energy. Join us to experience teens’ voices and views about artworks; it’s sure to be a dynamic experience.


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