40 Is the New 39

By: Matt Foss on October 29th, 2014

Few comedians had better careers than Jack Benny.
Blog 10-29-14 Benny

On the stage, over radio, and on film or television, Benny spent more than 50 years making people laugh. Besides perfect comedic timing, he was popular for the many running jokes in his act. His spending habits, talents on the violin, and the popular “Si, Sy, Sue, Sew” routine were a few. Maybe the most famous of them all was that his character was perpetually 39 years old.

No matter how much he aged, being 40 was not funny.

Like Jack, the Woodson Art Museum’s Birds in Art exhibition knows something about turning 39 years old. Started in 1976, this is the exhibition’s final year in its thirties. Unlike Jack, however, the Museum and Birds in Art are excited about turning the big 4-0. Sustained success is a source of pride; and like a fine wine, the exhibition will continue to improve with age.

The exhibition embraces crow’s feet, and not just in the galleries.

As the leaves fall and the snow begins to fly, preparations are underway for the 40th anniversary of Birds in Art. Despite the gray hairs and creaky joints, we’re confident the Museum and its flagship exhibition will start its fifth decade with quiet dignity and grace. Sometimes people celebrate (or mourn) turning 40 by purchasing a new car.

Jack in his Maxwell









If we do, I’ll bet even money it won’t be a Maxwell.


*Right now, there’s still time – until 5:00 pm on Sunday, November 16 – to revel in the joys and beauty of # 39!



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