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Personal Use and Special Occasion Photography

Although the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum does not allow wedding ceremonies on the grounds, wedding and special occasion photography are permitted.

Personal Use and Recreational Photography Inside the Museum

General photography is permitted in the permanent collection galleries and subject to the conditions below. Photography of special exhibitions or works on loan to the Museum may be prohibited by lenders and will be posted in the galleries.

  • Casual, in the moment photos are for personal use only;
  • Must use handheld cameras, phones, or tablets with the flash turned off;
  • No tripods, monopods, supplemental lights, selfie sticks, or other external equipment or props may be used;
  • Images may be posted on personal social media sites so long as they are not used for profit. Please tag the Museum on social media #Woodsonart;
  • Images taken in the galleries may not be sold or published;
  • Images taken in the galleries must not be used to promote themselves, or any outside product or service;
  • Images must be taken behind stanchions or other barriers;
  • Taking photographs must not disrupt other visitors enjoying the galleries.

Special Occasion Photography Policy


  • Please contact the Museum at 715.845.7010 or prior to your visit to ensure there are no events scheduled. Professional photography groups must be prebooked;
  • Professional photography groups are subject to a $50 donation. In the event inclement weather precludes outdoor photography, the donation will be refunded. A donation sent in advance is retained for no-shows. Groups can reschedule up until the booked time for no additional fee;
  • Do not climb, lean or sit on any artworks;
  • Any visitor taking photographs who causes damage to property or other persons on Museum premises will be liable;
  • Only one group is permitted in a space at a time;
  • Personal photographs may not be published, sold, or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes;
  • Taking photographs must not disrupt other visitors enjoying Museum spaces;
  • The Museum’s security policies are in effect and cannot be waived;
  • The Museum reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to photograph on the premises at any time. Staff have the authority to approach and verify the intent of photography anywhere on the property and to enforce this policy;
  • Please respect the Woodson Art Museum and its grounds;
  • Please tag the Museum on social media #Woodsonart.


  • Group size limited to 10 subjects and 1 photographer;
  • Groups require a Museum staff escort;
  • Photography is allowed only in the Museum’s main stairwell, also known as “The Aviary” which is a form of egress, cannot be fully blocked at any time;
  • Photography within “The Aviary” must be completed by the Museum’s closing time;
  • No group is allowed to photograph in the galleries, including the circular staircase;
  • Photographs must be taken in natural light only, no artificial lights, reflectors, or diffusers;
  • Tripods and monopods are prohibited;
  • Floral arrangements are prohibited;
  • Props are prohibited.


  • Group size limited to 20 subject and 2 photographers;
  • Photographs must be taken in publicly accessible areas;
  • Photography within the Margaret Woodson Fisher Sculpture Garden must be completed by the Museum’s closing time; photography in other unenclosed sections of the grounds may extend after Museum hours;
  • Drones are prohibited;
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited.
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