A Kaleidoscope of Color and Change

By: Jane Weinke, curator of collections/registrar on February 26th, 2014

Each day Woodson Art Museum staff members push themselves to develop fresh ideas to keep exhibitions, events, and workshops – everything we do – new and exciting. “Changing things up,” not only keeps us on our toes, but also hopefully encourages our frequent visitors to return often and prompts others to drop by for the first time.
Perhaps, on the surface, presenting any exhibition for thirty-seven years might not seem to fit that ongoing challenge, but only the annual March opening and month-long presentation of the Student Art Exhibition remains the same.
Since its inception and through the years, the Student Art Exhibition model has been frequently updated to incorporate suggestions from the regional art specialists who submit their students’ artwork and ever-changing mediums and styles. These tweaks keep the exhibition fresh and exciting, not only for the teachers and students, but also for the parent and Museum visitors.
When you consider that thirty-one teachers entered the artwork of ninety-three north central Wisconsin students in grades 9-12, all created in the classroom from a plethora of themed assignments, you certainly will be as amazed as I am at the cohesiveness of the 2014 exhibition. The talent and dedication of the students and teachers are readily apparent.
Notable are the stunning portraits in varying mediums: oil, pencil, ink, and photography. All are striking for the adept use of materials; whether using vibrant color or black on white, the young artists present fresh takes on the single-subject theme.
“Pushing the boundaries” certainly describes the sculpture entries that include a ceramic totem, a wheel-thrown vessel with glass shards, and a wide variety of creatures from sea, land, and space.
It’s March. It’s Youth Art Month. The Woodson Art Museum joins the nation in honoring the creative efforts of teachers and students. Those are the only constants. Fresh, creative, and exciting artwork awaits you. The images are include here to pique your interest.
Please visit the Student Art Exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum, March 1 – 30; you will not be disappointed. If you’re reading this post from afar, I encourage you to check museums and art centers in your area for their student art exhibitions.
Congratulate and support north central Wisconsin artists at the Student Art Exhibition reception, Saturday, March 1, Noon – 2 pm.

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