A New Nest

By: Matt Foss on October 14th, 2015

When I walk through the Woodson Art Museum’s galleries featuring the 40th anniversary of Birds in Art, one piece catches my eye. Memory by Minnesota artist Wendy Brockman depicts a bird’s nest entangled with bittersweet. Something about the piece makes me view it closer and reflect.Memory-Web
The obvious explanation is that I subconsciously am drawn to the work because my wife and I are trying to secure our own nest. After renting an apartment for the last five years, we are in the midst of that fun-filled experience known as “buying a home.” While we don’t mind apartment-dwelling, our precocious toddler’s energy is becoming too much for a single apartment to contain, and soon there will be another child in our family adding to the mayhem.
Right now, we have an accepted offer on a house, but we’re in the inspection / appraisal /escrow limbo which completely kills the romance of it all. We still are very excited about owning a home and carving out our own place in the world. It will be nice to finally have a larger nest.House
I just hope next year’s Birds in Art doesn’t feature a work that catches my eye of a bird sitting on a new roof.

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