A Year in Review

By: Bryce Cebula, marketing and communication manager on June 19th, 2024

In my first year as the marketing and communication manager, I was able to experience many different things. From connecting with artists during the Birds in Art opening weekend, to participating in a wide variety of programs, and traveling to several different museums to network with fellow museum professionals, the last year has brought me countless opportunities to learn and grow.  

While my official one-year anniversary working at the Museum isn’t until Friday, I am a numbers person, so I thought it might be fun to look back on the last 365 days:  


I attended my first Birds in Art opening.

Museum staff member Bryce and her parents during "Birds in Art" opening in fall of 2023.

My parents and I during “Birds in Art” opening last fall.


I traveled to seven museums.

I’ve written six blogs and six press releases.

I met over 70 artists.


A photo of most of the artists who attended Birds in Art in fall of 2023.

Most of the artists who attended “Birds in Art” last fall


I’ve helped create promotional materials for 12 exhibitions. 

I joined the Wisconsin Art Destinations team. 

I’ve listened to five marketing seminars.  

I participated in many events including school tours, artist residencies, and monthly programs like SPARK!, Art Babies, Creative Explorers, and open studio sessions.  

I’ve done eight interviews for local news stations. 


A photo of backstage at Channel 7 during the morning show.

A backstage look at WSAW during the morning show.


I’ve produced nearly 100 posts for our social media channels.  

I visited Baltimore for the first time.  


Bryce standing in front of an American Alliance of Museums 2024 Museum Expo backdrop.

At the American Alliance of Museums 2024 Expo in Baltimore.


I’ve only lost one receipt . . . Sorry Diane.  

I’ve taken about 1,000 pictures of the Museum and its visitors. 

I lost one sweater to the burrs on the trees in the Sculpture Garden.  

I made it to the semi-final round of the Museum staff’s Art Madness bracket in March.  


I truly could not list all the highlights of the past year – there are too many. However, my favorite of all has been spending time with the passionate, creative minds that work here at the Woodson Art Museum. The collaborative spirit of our staff feels much like a family. I’ve felt nothing but support and encouragement from everyone in my first year working here. The ideas we’ve brought to life, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the many laughs we’ve shared over the last year have shown how special this team is.  

I feel fully prepared and energized for what the next year will bring now that I have one year under my belt at the Museum. I guess it’s true when they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” 


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