Ah, to be 34!

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on September 9th, 2009

When Birds in Art opens later this week – Saturday, September 12, at 9:00 a.m., to be precise – the Woodson Art Museum’s flagship exhibition turns 34.

Sounds good to me. I recently celebrated my 57th birthday.

No complaints. I couldn’t be happier or more energized by my work. Okay, I could be happier if it was easier to raise money and if the economy in general would begin to show real signs of improvement.

That said, life is good at the Woodson Art Museum. Fall is in the air and Birds in Art is about to begin its nine-week run.

Birds in Art came together beautifully this year. The exhibition is filled with surprises . . . artists new to Birds in Art side-by-side familiar friends and a range of approaches to the subject matter that never ceases to amaze.

I’m especially excited by the watercolors and drawings of John Busby, the Scotsman who will be honored as the 2009 Master Artist. John’s work has both a gentleness and a power. He insists on drawing “from life” and the resulting artworks sparkle and intrigue as they pique our curiosity and tell us more about the subject than we could have imagined possible.

John “tells all” on Saturday morning, September 12, at 10:00 a.m., under the big tent, when he takes to the podium to share his thoughts about drawing, painting, and “living” birds.

If you miss John’s talk, you can see his artworks – nineteen of them – in the Woodson’s galleries along with the entire 2009 Birds in Art exhibition through Sunday, November 15.

If you’re a blog follower from afar, treat yourself to the fully illustrated, 134-page Birds in Art catalogue. It’s a deal at $20 (plus shipping and handling) and can be ordered through the Museum’s secure website.

Thirty-four years is a remarkable run for an art exhibition. And I’m feeling great at 57 even though 34 sounds better!

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