An Invitation to Create

By: Catie Anderson, curator of education on September 22nd, 2021

Next week, sculptor Tom Hill returns to the Woodson Art Museum for a multi-week residency, and he’d like to work with you!

Tom invites visitors and community members to create wire birds, which will comprise a large flock, reflecting the impact of creative collaboration.

Tom Hill, Murmuration model, 2021, wire


Birds in Art devotees and fans of Tom’s work know the artist embraces the opportunities and challenges of depicting movement in his sculpture. A running heron featured in the 2018 Birds in Art exhibition and his 2021 sculpture Fight Scene (after Hiro) are two dynamic and energy-filled examples of these efforts.

Tom Hill, Puppet, 2021, painted wood, metal, wire, and string


Months ago, Tom sent me an email describing his desire to capture the aerial spectacle of a starling murmuration in sculpture, suggesting that a collaborative project and large-scale installation could make for a compelling residency. It didn’t take long for the Woodson staff to embrace the idea and start brainstorming.

Tom’s residency includes a weekend workshop incorporating movement and mixed-media sculpture to create puppets. Also, an interdisciplinary evening program, co-presented with Dr. Stan Temple, explores the science behind murmurations and the artwork it inspires.

Tom and I hope to see you during his residency, both in the community and at the Museum, for fearless and fun art making in celebration of birds.


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