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By: Lisa Hoffman, curator of education on April 24th, 2019

Last week across the globe, devices pinged, news alerts broke, and satellite transmissions bounced around the atmosphere drawing most to digital images; images of 850-year-old craftsmanship, handwork, and artistry succumbing to one of earth’s elements – fire. Interpretations are numerous and various attempting to explain why individuals worldwide stopped to share – at a minimum a view and for most, mourning of – the partial destruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

I prefer the perspective of shared art. To know Paris as the capital of France is to recognize the images of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

As I regularly write and say, my primary responsibility – and a privilege of my job – is to share art with all ages and stages – to make friends through art. The Woodson Art Museum is a place to explore, enjoy, engage, take respite, escape, and grow.

Some of our littlest friends began their spring visits to the Museum this past week. Head Start 3- and 4-year olds walk up Franklin Hill and join our volunteers for an experience we call “Making Friends through Art.” Sharing a story, gallery time, music, movement, and hands-on art projects helps nurture sprouting social skills, blooming curiosity, and at a minimum, wayfinding at the Woodson Art Museum – and hopefully, a love of art, too.

It takes many hands and hearts to nurture our programs. Many people and donors are to be thanked: Head Start administrators and educators for building four Woodson visits into each academic year; Museum volunteers who share their joy, experience, and talents; visitors who invariably smile warmly when sharing the galleries with Head Start friends; staff who schedule visits and ensure the space is welcoming for all visitors; and Wilmington Trust and the M & T Charitable Foundation for support that enables the purchase of art supplies and materials.

A week later, conversations about Notre-Dame focus on resilience, rebuilding, restoration, and transitions. Visit the Woodson Art Museum to share in that spirit and make friends through art.



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