Art is for Everyone

By: Daniel Knoedler, multimedia specialist/graphic designer on June 7th, 2023

It’s easy for some people to perceive art communities as insular and privileged. In some fine art circles, an artist’s work has enormous value, while a designer’s work receives little recognition. It’s energizing to see the opposite is true at the Woodson Art Museum, where the lines between artist, designer, and maker always seem to be blurred. I’ve always respected architects, furniture makers, clothing designers, culinary experts, and just about anyone who takes the time to consider the aesthetics of a project as artists. After being a part of a few installation weeks here at the Museum, I’ve experienced this in a new way firsthand.

The creative consideration behind an exhibition’s presentation is something I had certainly been underestimating prior to being employed by a museum. I can now appreciate my fellow staff members as artists, coming together to bring the Museum’s summer exhibitions to life. Every part of our team has something unique to offer. Each of us takes time to consider the final product of our projects before, during, and after execution. We all want to make sure the Museum is an engaging place for people to visit time and time again, with something new and exciting for people from all walks of life to enjoy. Although we can always do better, I have learned that ‘true’ arts communities almost always strive to be welcoming to everyone. The Woodson Art Museum is no different.

From volunteer Master Gardeners and gallery attendants to curators, and everyone in between, we truly have an All-Star team of ‘artists’ dedicated to growing the arts community in central Wisconsin. I think most people who are involved with or visit the Museum share a similar feeling – that art is a gift that keeps on giving. Some of us are makers and art enthusiasts, but even the average person just looking for an afternoon of reflection has something to offer. So, tell your friends to come visit us, because everyone can play a part to ensure our entire neighborhood feels welcomed to enjoy art.


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