On the Road

What do art museum directors do when they are away from the office for a few days? They visit art museums, of course. With the 2018 Birds in Art catalogue at the printer and with The World According to Federico Uribe drawing huge numbers of visitors daily, the timing was just right for a mid-summer long weekend.

Creative Collaborations Benefit All Ages

The World According to Federico Uribe is a colorful, creative exhibition into which more than 12,000 Woodson Art Museum visitors, thus far, have happily escaped to this summer. Two summer programs have made me especially aware of the infectious and inspiring quality of Uribe’s artwork – Summer Art Sessions and a visit with first-year students from the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Central Wisconsin campus.

Extend Fete Here on July 5

As I consider the Fourth of July, images of fireworks, sunshine, barbecued chicken, buttery cobs of corn, and strawberries fill my thoughts – with a soundtrack of laughter and children’s delight-filled shrieks.

As the Willow Grows

This week visiting artist and landscape architect Bonnie Gale and her assistant, Jonna Evans, began working on a willow sculpture in the Woodson Art Museum’s Margaret Woodson Fischer Sculpture Garden. The seven-foot-tall domed structure uses ten-foot-long willow rods harvested in New York and transported to Wausau.

Feathered Favorites

The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s collection is amazing. With more than 14,000 works available for exhibitions, the combinations and themes are endless. A frequent question, “do you have a favorite?” still takes me aback. I’ll admit some works appeal to me more than others, but mostly I find something intriguing in each artwork.