Birds in Art (in my office)

By: Matt Foss on May 19th, 2021

Typically, when coworkers come to my temporary office in the Woodson Art Museum’s library, there’s a problem I need to help fix. I can hear the footsteps before they reach the library, and then usually a sad little knock on the door. In fact, some just say “knock knock” in a sad little way. Bringing a problem to my office is never any fun. While I’m glad to be of service, I want people coming to my office for happy reasons.

Recently, I hit the jackpot.



The library happens to be the traditional landing place for all the images of artworks juried into Birds in Art. Following the jury process and tabulation of scores in early May, the images are placed on the large table in the library so administrative manager Elaina Johann can compile the information necessary to notify the artists selected. As a bonus, staff get the chance to peruse which artworks are in the exhibition after the artists are notified.

And so began the pilgrimage of coworkers to my office. One by one, they came to see the artworks comprising the Museum’s flagship exhibition. Almost like solo views of a fireworks show, there were plenty of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” and commentary such as “oh I like that” and “look at that one.”

Besides providing this early glimpse for staff, the images on the table signify the beginning of the Birds in Art summer process. Receiving information from the artists for the catalogue, ensuring timely shipments of artwork to the Museum, and other myriad details are crucial to exceeding the expectations of artists, members, and visitors for the exhibition’s opening on September 11.

Just think: if images of the artworks can make people happy, what will the actual artworks do in just a few months?

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