Charles in Charge

By: Amalia Wojciechowski, assistant director and collections curator on April 26th, 2023

Puppy looking into the camera sitting on a lap.

Charlie the lap dog. Photo courtesy of Catie Anderson.

I’ve spent a lot of my life researching, whether it was for grad school papers, new board games to buy, or just a good old Wikipedia rabbit hole. What I wasn’t always expecting was to find myself researching “best puppy pee pad Amazon authentic reviews.”

Puppy on the floor with his mouth on a toy

Charlie and his new favorite toy. Photo and lamb courtesy of Catie Anderson.

Last Saturday, I brought home a puppy, Charlie – my first go at dog ownership. While we’re already bosom buddies, there’s still a lot to learn about the puppy process. Luckily, as one of the last of the Woodson staff members without a dog (or more) at home, I have a great resource to do tons of puppy research right down the hall.  Half Great Pyrenees and half Aussie Shepherd, right now Charlie is a big ball of fuzz, snuggles, and little, sharp puppy teeth. In other words, he’s perfect.

On Charlie’s end of things, he’s decided that the couch is his favorite spot and that the most expensive treats are best. At home, he’s already MacGyvered his way through French doors and is seriously eyeing up the pantry door. It’s a fun, challenging, and humbling experience knowing that an eight-week-old dog can outsmart you but I’m sure I’ll get around to researching that too.

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