The Real Decoy

September 9 – February 25, 2024

The Real Decoy delves into the captivating world of decoy carving and the mastery behind these avian artworks. Step into a realm where form meets function and nature meets artistry to explore the history, diversity, and ingenuity of these utilitarian yet artistic tools. From the stoic and elegant mallard to the elusive and charming wood duck, witness the incredible attention to detail bringing each species to life, a testament to the carvers’ deep understanding of waterfowl behavior and anatomy.

This exhibition not only celebrates the artistry of duck decoys but also honors the cultural significance they hold for hunting communities worldwide, while offering insight into the various decoy styles and regional variations, reflecting the diverse landscapes and traditions of their creators.

Join us in celebrating a medium in which craftsmanship, conservation, and a love for the natural world converge.

Exhibition Highlights

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