Curiosity & Discovery

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on June 2nd, 2021

Looking at the world through the eyes of my grandsons has helped me to see things in new ways. At ages 3+ years and eighteen months, they are curious, ready learners.

A recent visit to Denver, where they live, included a morning at the Downtown Aquarium.

Landon, the big brother, talked a blue streak in advance, all about sharks and jellyfish. However, I don’t think he imagined how much there would be to see or how “close up” the underwater encounters would be.

From start to finish, Landon and Wesley were mesmerized. They eagerly watched fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors dart to and fro. The adults in our group were intrigued, too, fascinated not only by the marine life filling vast tanks, but even more so by watching the boys. Their delight and sense of discovery were a joy to observe.

Experiences like ours at the aquarium can be had at museums of every type and size.

At the Woodson Art Museum — as the Woodson’s advocate-in-chief, I’m partial — families can engage in a range of ways to explore artworks and their stories. There are hands-on learning opportunities via Art Kits, Activity Guides, and the Sculpture Garden Seek-and-Find. You could even customize a visit by designing your own scavenger hunt based on colors, shapes, or birds.

There’s no limit to the experiences possible when you’re curious and eager to discover something new.

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