Endless Inspiration

By: Jane Weinke, curator of collections/registrar on June 9th, 2021

I’ve always been a reader – books, magazines, recipes, and blogs. Typically, I learn something, and frequently I’m inspired to try something new.

The same holds true for a file I started many years ago titled “Exhibition Ideas.” Each time I discover an interesting phrase, an exceptional exhibition title, an artist biography, or sometimes just random articles, they are filed for future reference. When it’s time for a new exhibition, I start there. I examine the pages and write down my impressions, potential titles, names of artists, and titles of works. Here is an image of some idea sheets.

Avian Celebrations is the newest exhibition drawn from the Woodson Art Museum’s collection. The title encompasses my idea to create a different theme in each of the south galleries’ five rooms.

  • Day at the Beach
  • Ducking Out
  • Enchanted Evening
  • Follow the Line
  • In the Pink

These images provide additional insight into the themes.

Walking through the now-complete exhibition, I’m thrilled with how all the elements came together. The wall colors, artwork choices, and themes meld seamlessly. I hope this post will encourage visits to the Woodson Art Museum, but if that’s not possible, enjoy these images. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to take a day at the beach and enjoy an enchanted evening. I’d be in the pink to hear your impressions.



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