Art Deco Glass from the Huchthausen Collection

March 5 – June 5, 2022
Clean lines, geometric shapes, and bright colors characterize Art Deco glass from the Huchthausen Collection in this exhibition organized by the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington. Emerging in contrast to Art Nouveau’s ornate style amid World War I austerity, Art Deco glass fell out of favor after World War II, and regained popularity in the 1970s. Glass by iconic Art Deco studios comprises the collection of David Huchthausen, a glass artist with Wisconsin roots whose work altered the history of contemporary glass.

This exhibition, along with Molten: 30 Years of American Glass from the Woodson Art Museum’s collection, coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Studio Glass movement and the International Year of Glass 2022.

Art Deco Glass from the David Huchthausen Collection was organized by Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington.

Visit to witness glassmakers present live, narrated demonstrations, April 29-May 8, via the Corning Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop at the Woodson.




Exhibition Highlights

Pierre D’Avesn, Vase with Spiral Design, ca. 1926-1931, press-molded opal glass; photo by Lloyd Shugart
Muller Frères, Vase with Bird Design, ca. 1925-1929, mold-blown glass with interior silver foil inclusions and surface etching, photo by Lloyd Shugart
Schneider Glassworks, Water Lily Vase, ca. 1926-1929, mold-blown glass with interior and exterior crushed and powdered glass frits and single surface acid cutting; photo by Lloyd Shugart
René Lalique, Bacchantes Vase, 1927, press-molded opal glass; photo by Lloyd Shugart
Marius-Ernest Sabino, Group of Panthers, ca. 1928-1938, press-molded opal glass; photo by Lloyd Shugart

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