The Great Marsh: Horicon Waterfowl

Through July 2015

Owen J. Gromme’s lifelong commitment to the restoration of the Horicon Marsh – a vast wetland just west of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where he grew up – began in the 1920s. Among the largest freshwater cattail marshes in the nation, Horicon sustains an abundance of wildlife and attracts thousands of migratory ducks and geese annually. Artworks depicting waterfowl by Gromme and others, including Frank Benson, Don Henson, Jim Morgan, Sherrie York, and Andrea Rich, comprise The Great Marsh.

Exhibition Highlights

Owen J. Gromme, Horicon Marsh, 1968, oil on canvas
Owen J. Gromme, Departure from Lake Katherine, 1977, oil on canvas
Owen J. Gromme, Redheads, 1966, oil on canvas
Cindy House, Spring Thaw, 2010, pastel on Wallis sanded paper
Cole Johnson, Wood Duck Pair, 2011, graphite on Rising Artist Bristol board
Roger Tory Peterson, Two American Wigeons, ca. 1930, oil on canvas
Gunnar Tryggmo, Sketch for “Reflections,” 2009, watercolor on paper
Barry Van Dusen, Mergansers at Deep River, 2003, watercolor on Arches paper
Frank W. Benson, Black Ducks, 1926, oil on canvas
Cynthia Fjelstad, Swan Song, 1995, acrylic and alkyd on hardboard

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