Natural Wonders: Commemorating Twenty Years

Twenty years ago, a group of artists envisioned a plan to honor Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum founders John and Alice Woodson Forester for their unwavering commitment to artists. More than 150 artists offered gifts of small-scale paintings, works on paper, and sculpture. The exhibition and publication Natural Wonders live on in tribute. Natural Wonders: Commemorating Twenty Years features a selection of sixty works from the larger collection.

Collection Highlights

Larry Barth, Screech Owl (5/48), 1992, bronze
Carl Brenders, Kakapo, 1978, watercolor on paper
Burt Brent, Last Stand of the Rhino (19/30), 1987, bronze
Edward DuRose, Caribou, 1992, acrylic on canvas
Stephen C. Elliott, Sleeping Cockatoo, 1993, oil on composition board
Anne Senechal Faust, Shadows in the Chenier, 1993, serigraph on Strathmore paper
Bob Kuhn, Close Harmony, 1993, acrylic on composition board

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