Feet First

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on September 9th, 2008

I can think of no better or more appropriate time than following the enthusiastically well-received opening of Birds in Art 2008 to launch the Woodson Art Museum’s blog.

We’re flying high – pun intended – and embracing Web 2.0 technologies like a fledgling about to leave the nest. Would readers of this blog expect anything less from the Woodson Art Museum?!

Welcome to “Woodson Wanderings,” where Museum staff will share impressions and insights about top-of-mind news and events that we hope will have broad appeal and interest as well as generate feedback.

To get us started I’ll reflect on the opening of the Woodson Art Museum’s 33rd annual Birds in Art exhibition . . . how the years have flown by. We’ve made so many wonderful friends over the years from near and far. The Birds in Art family is a truly remarkable one and the opening weekend demonstrated once again that art is a common language that crosses cultural differences and generations.

One of the Woodson’s signature programs for young children is called “Making Friends through Art.” This title sums up the Birds in Art opening weekend as we hear time and again how lasting friendships began in the Woodson’s galleries, at the Midway Hotel, under the tent, or on a pontoon boat on Lake Katherine. It’s enormously gratifying to know that so many introductions made at Birds in Art have blossomed into friendships that last a lifetime.

Let us hear from you . . . current, past, and future Birds in Art participants. You’re all welcome to weigh in.

We invite everyone with an interest in birds, art, and the Woodson Art Museum to share their thoughts.

Join us as we “wander” into the blogosphere from the Woodson!

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