Food . . . for Savoring & for Thought

By: Kathy Kelsey Foley, director on June 17th, 2015

Menu planning + grocery shopping + skilled preparation + graceful service = Enjoyment.


There’s symmetry among these tasks that all revolve around food; it’s the artistry.

The social aspect of gathering at mealtime was a thing of beauty during my recent travels with two-dozen-plus Woodson Art Museum members. We savored a veritable culinary treasure trove of dishes while sampling the cuisine of Montreal and Québec City, which can be summed up by the classic Julia Child title, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.


Why do food memories linger? The satisfied feeling that results from a meal enjoyed with friends and family is one aspect, and that was evident as I had the pleasure of sitting down with different traveling companions during our eight days together.


There’s more. Specifically, I’m reflecting on the art part, the visual appeal of expertly prepared, plated, and served food. This was evident daily in Montreal and Québec City, and my iPhone was at the ready to document our experiences.

With menus crafted especially for our group and designed to highlight regional specialties – think fish – decision-making could be a challenge. The first tastes and sharing around the table were enlivened by animated conversations; contented smiles were the end result.


Add to this the proliferation of fabulous cookbooks and food magazines. Tempting photos encourage us to taste new things, to indulge our senses.

My iPhone photo album is a travelogue of food, evoking memories and smiles that certainly add to the enjoyment equation. That IS a smart phone.


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